Our infection control measures

The pandemic is not over yet and, although more and more people have now been fully vaccinated, we ask you to kindly follow our infection control measures.

Our infection control measures

Summer has finally arrived and we're looking forward to welcoming many visitors again. However, we ask our visitors to familiarise themselves with our infection control measures before their visit.

The pandemic is not over yet and we therefore ask you to kindly wear a face mask when you cannot keep a distance of one metre apart. This is especially important during the feeding sessions outside, in the activity room and elsewhere on the premises where you cannot keep your distance.

The following infection control measures have been introduced
  • Plenty of disinfection stations are dotted all over our 10,000 square-metre site, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Frequent cleaning of surfaces by 2-3 hosts throughout the facility during opening hours
  • Floor markings indicating safe distances at ticket counters and inside our shop, café and tanks.
  • Please keep your distance when queueing at the entrance, and be aware that this year we have two entrances; one for visitors with pre-purchased tickets and one for visitors wishing to purchase their tickets on arrival.
  • Introduction of "one way" routes through the aquarium, with floor markings.
  • Fewer seats in the cafe and no self-service
  • To speed up infection tracking, we have installed a special digital registration system at the entrance. Use of this system is of course voluntary, but everyone is encouraged to scan the QR code at the entrance and leave their name and number via their mobile phone. In the worst-case scenario, this will greatly help in tracking any infection. It is enough for one person in each group to do this. The data will only be used for infection tracking purposes when necessary and will be deleted after three months.
  • Wearing of face masks for staff and visitors where it is not possible to keep one metre apart, particularly in the activity room and during feeding of the otters, seals and penguins outside.
  • As always at the weekends and during the summer, we also have hosts standing by the door to the activity room, applying sanitiser to the hands of everyone entering the room.
We ask our visitors to familiarise themselves with our infection control rules and to kindly comply with what we ask you to do
  • Keep a good distance from other visitors, staff and the animals - at least one metre - wear a face mask when you cannot keep one metre apart
  • Please follow the requests given over the PA system and during feeding sessions
  • Keep a good distance from all animals.
  • Use the various disinfection stations around the aquarium.
  • Follow the "one way" markings on the floor.
  • Please stay at home if you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms.

Have a pleasant and safe visit. Together, we can overcome this!

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