Science Centre - Opens 2 September

Learning through exploration and play

Boy playing with the exhibits in the Science Centre.

Welcome to Atlanterhavsparken Science Centre

At the Science Centre, which opens on 2 September , you can learn about the ocean in new and exciting ways. The exhibitions invite you to explore the incredible world of science with a focus on the ocean.

Two boys look at fish oil in an exhibition

The Science Centre experiences opening on 2 September

Learning programmes for kindergartens and schools

The Science Centre is the perfect place for kindergarten and school children to learn more about the ocean. At the centre, you can explore phenomena relating to nature, the environment, health and technology both through your own activities and through interacting with others.

In the marine laboratory, schools and groups can take part in the dissection of a fish, look at microalgae through a magnifying glass or examine biological details through a digital microscope on a big screen.
Møre Marine Laboratory
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Here, schools, kindergartens and groups can prepare and taste seafood in a superbly equipped kitchen with stunning views across to Breisundet.
Breisundet Food Workshop
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Contact us if you have any questions about the learning programmes available at Atlanterhavsparken.