Storfjorden viewing center

Storfjorden viewing center

Storfjorden display center is an activating exhibition of Norwegian salmon and rainbow trout farming and its ripple effects.

Classes from 6th grade - VG3 can apply for a free guided tour of the exhibition. We allocate time based on capacity, from December to March. Hofseth Aqua pays the entrance fee.

Storfjorden viewing center
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Preschools and schools up to Year 10
NOK 65 - Ordinary visit
NOK 85 - With instruction/teaching (dissection, guided tour of exhibition)
NOK 95 - Food workshop

Upper secondary schools to students inclusive
NOK 65 - Ordinary visit
NOK 95 - With instruction/teaching (dissection, guided tour of exhibition)
NOK 105 - Food workshop


Do you want an attractive offer for travel? Contact Geir Gjerde at Turistbussen Ålesund on telephone 920 42 411 or e-mail

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