Food, drink and retail

Large aquarium tank with fish and children looking on.

Be tempted to visit Atlanterhavsparken's own café with a wide selection of sandwiches, cakes and drinks.

Our aquarium chef, Ole, has a passion for food, especially from the sea, and is what we call a true food missionary. He and our dedicated team in the café and events department are always ready to serve you a selection of both hot and cold dishes.

In particular, our homemade carrot cake has become a favorite among our guests, and it tastes extra good after you've quenched your hunger with one of Ole's tall sandwiches.

With a view of the vast ocean and the ever-changing weather, this is the perfect place to enjoy both the view and the food.

Remember that you can also buy gift cards in the café, if there's someone you want to treat a little extra. With an annual pass, all coffee is also free.

For questions about the menu and allergens, please send an email to

Souvenirs and gifts from Atlanterhavsparken

Treat yourself to a keepsake from Atlanterhavsparken's souvenir shop as a memento of your visit!

Souvenirs and gifts can be purchased from the shop, where you will also find educational books, fun characters, attractive gifts, postcards and much more. We also have our own collections, such as our rugged T-shirts, with some of our best-known fish species as a motif. Are you a halibut or a haddock? Drop by on your way out and treat yourself to a keepsake to remind you of your visit. Don't forget too that you can buy gift vouchers in the shop.