Tekna 150 years

Tekna turns 150 years old in 2024 and celebrates by giving all the country's science centers NOK 150,000. Tekna wants more students to visit their local science center in the coming year. This means that 5th-7th grades will have the opportunity to book a free learning program with us. Here you can choose a learning program from the available times.

Tekna 150 years
Please contact us if you have any questions about this learning package.

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Preschools and schools up to Year 10
NOK 65 - Ordinary visit
NOK 85 - With instruction/teaching (dissection, guided tour of exhibition)
NOK 95 - Food workshop

Upper secondary schools to students inclusive
NOK 65 - Ordinary visit
NOK 95 - With instruction/teaching (dissection, guided tour of exhibition)
NOK 105 - Food workshop


Do you want an attractive offer for travel? Contact Geir Gjerde at Turistbussen Ålesund on telephone 920 42 411 or e-mail geir@turistbussen.no

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