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Opening hours and programme

Atlanterhavsparken is open every day, except for a limited number of days each year. Below is an overview of everything you need to know for your visit to the aquarium.

Large aquarium tank with fish and children looking on.
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Special activities

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Practical info


All Atlanterhavsparken parking bays are free for aquarium visitors.


Free Wi-Fi access for all Atlanterhavsparken visitors.

Disability parking

If you need disability parking, there are marked disability parking bays by the entrance. We also have wheelchairs available for visitors. Entry is free for companions with a disability companion certificate.


Unfortunately, pets are not allowed inside the aquarium or in our grounds. If you are unable to leave your pet behind, please contact the ticket office on 70 10 70 60 for advice on the best place to park.


Atlanterhavsparken is a non-smoking aquarium and asks all visitors to refrain from smoking during their visit. This includes the outdoor areas.

Food & Shopping

The café and souvenir shop are open every day. Welcome!