Events, courses and conferences

Large and small corporate events at Atlanterhavsparken

Our fantastic facility at Tueneset in Ålesund can be used by your company during the day and evening - or throughout the day. We are suitable for small and large groups, including management groups, board meetings, departmental meetings, conferences, seminars, summer parties, Christmas parties and family days where employees can bring their loved ones. We have everything you need in terms of good sound and large screens, as well as serving delicious dishes from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Large aquarium tank with fish and children looking on.

An introduction to Atlanterhavsparken and our purpose comes with the package - we want everyone who visits us to go back to their households and businesses and make wiser choices. We can also help to enhance your event by providing a range of entertaining and knowledge-building activities to further your understanding of marine life, team building and competitive spirit, including cook-offs, quizzes, fish dissections and much, much more.


The "Breisundet" meeting room is suitable for small and large groups, from four or five people to around 100. Here you get a magnificent view of seals, penguins and otters in our facility outside and Breisundet itself; the portal to the fjord and mountain landscape inside and the mighty Atlantic Ocean outside. A day package includes free access to the facility. In addition to everything you would expect from good meeting and conference facilities, we offer catering such as coffee, tea, mineral water, fruit, lunch and dinner and the most delicious desserts.

Evening time

In the evening, you'll have the entire facility to yourself and can create a unique setting for everything from small groups to thousands of people. We can serve everything from simple meals such as sandwiches, soup or fish cake in hand, to more grandiose and unique dining experiences "A journey in the sea country"; a walk through the facility and 4-8 small dishes from street food-style stalls, before ending with dinner and dessert in front of the big tank.

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