Mar 08, 2024
Say hello to Ole😃 How long have you worked here? Worked here since August 2020 What are your duties? I was hired as head chef with responsibility for further developing the café 🍴. In terms of further development, I wanted to start baking our own bread, cakes and at the same time use local ingredients such as drink mashed, fish, meat and vegetables🍞🥬 At the same time, I'm responsible for events. I've always had a dream of using the whole aquarium when it comes to food and drink. A few years ago, I thought of a concept where you could go all the way. Starting at the herring tank where you can taste the herring, moving on to the islets and reefs to taste the mackerel, and up at the aquaculture exhibition you can taste trout from Hofseth. This has been named a journey in the sea country where you can end up at the big tank to beautiful tables with white tablecloths and tall glasses🥂. What do you like about your job? I like cooking, but what gives me the most pleasure is seeing young people develop in the café. They come here as 15-16 year olds with little to no food experience and now they are suddenly making mayonnaise, baking bread, baking cakes while serving food from food stalls with great confidence 😊. Another thing is that we have good concepts and good food, so the feedback from customers is also very important. #employee #atlanterhavsparken #akvarium #ålesund #event #eventålesund
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