Visitor number 3 million

On Thursday, June 1, 2023, we celebrated the fact that we have had 3 million visitors since we opened in June 1998! To mark the occasion, we wanted to give out a gold card to visitor number 3 million, which gives free entry for the rest of your life.

Visitor number 3 million

This Thursday morning, the 2nd grade from Larsgården Primary School was coming to visit Storfjorden Visningssenter for the first time, and we had decided that one of them would be the lucky one. To make it as fair as possible, a random selection was made in the class and the lucky visitor no. 3 million was Simon from Larsgården elementary school - 3 x HURRA!

The gold card he received gives him and his family free access to Atlanterhavsparken for the rest of their lives, and at the end of the day the whole class got a marzipan cake for lunch. A very nice celebration of something we are incredibly grateful for, so thank you to all of you who support and visit us!

By clicking on the link below, you can watch the NRK district news broadcast about the case:

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