Meet our two new harbor seals 🦭

9 stone cobs have become 11, and the wait is finally over!

Meet our two new harbor seals 🦭

On the night of Tuesday, June 13 and early in the morning today, June 22, our two baby seals were born here in Seal Bay. Mothers Sylle and Sofie are doing a wonderful job of giving the babies lots of care and making them feel safe in their surroundings. We don't yet know what gender they are, as we are giving them time to get to know and trust each other. Sylle, who gave birth last week, came for her first feeding after birth a few days ago, so it will be easier to get a closer look at the little one now in the coming days. Sylle's little fellow seems to be a very curious and brave seal as it already seeks out the other seals often.

Harbor seals give birth (or shed as it is also called) in June after being pregnant for 11 months. The little ones then weigh somewhere between 8-12 kg, and are well looked after by their mother for about a month before she is ready to mate again at the end of July. During this time, it is important that they get plenty of milk from their mother, as rock cob has a body temperature of 37.5 degrees and is dependent on a lot of fat on its body in the winter. Their mother's milk is therefore very high in fat, containing as much as 45% fat. They usually give birth on beaches or rocks, but since they can swim from the second they are born, they can also be born in the sea if necessary.

It will be an incredibly nice and exciting time ahead as we get to know the new members of our gang. We can't wait! 🤩

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