Easter vacation at Atlanterhavsparken

The Easter holiday is finally here, and we warmly welcome you to visit us with more great experiences and activities for the whole family.

Easter vacation at Atlanterhavsparken

Easter holidays at Atlanterhavsparken

From the palm weekend to Easter Monday, we invite you to join us at Atlanterhavsparken for a day full of activities for the whole family. The doors open at 10.00, and from 11.30-12.30 we will have the activity room open where you can get to know some of the marine animals along our coast in an active and contact-seeking way.

Every day at 13.00 we will also have a feeding show where we will feed all the fish in the Atlantic tank, and after the feeding show we will again open the activity room for another hour of crab fishing. At the Atlantic tank we will also start the EasterKahoot at 13.15. From 14.00 you can join our two European otters for lunch at the otter island, before we move on to penguin feeding at 14.30 in the penguin pond. Finally, it's the turn of our lively harbor seals for dinner, which you can see in the seal bay at 15.00 every day during the Easter holidays.

In addition to the regular program, we offer engaging activities in different parts of the building throughout the holidays. Here is a small overview:

Kahoot by Atlantic Tank

The Easter theme is "Spawning and eggs", so come and test your knowledge on kahoot every day at 13:15. Prize for the best result!

Easter workshop in the drawing room by the café

Here, the whole family can create their own "Easter eggs" inspired by the eggs of the spotted dogfish and porcupine. After drawing and/or coloring, you can hang them on our Easter tree in the café.

Easter bus

Upon arrival, you can pick up an activity sheet at the ticket booth with various puzzles and questions from the aquarium and science center exhibits that we hope will engage the whole family. Remember to write down the correct contact information and leave the sheet in the shop, and we might just draw you/you as the winner of exciting prizes at the end of the holiday.

Love building lego?

Stop by our Lego room on the 2nd floor. Can you build a sea creature, for example?

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