Creation party December 10

Atlanterhavsparken invites you to Skaperfest!

Creation party December 10

Welcome to a day at Atlanterhavsparken filled with creativity and creativity. On this day, visitors can take part in drop-in activities suitable for both children and adults. Through the activities, you will experience how art, technology and science blend into each other. Some activities will run all day, while others are timed.


- Try your hand as a music producer at LydLab. Here you can program your very own film music. Open 10.30-11.30 at Møre Havlab. LydLab is supported by Equinor Heroes of Tomorrow.

- Draw and make your own key handle from shrink sheets. Open 11-13 at Breisundet on the 2nd floor.

- Create random art with Bitbot and become part of our exhibition. Open 11-13 in the café.

- Mono-printing of seaweed. Open 12-14 at Møre Havlab by the main tank.

Activities that are open all day:

- Lego

- Drawing room

- Build a shadow city

- Activity trail with missions around the Atlanterhavsparken

As a visitor on this day, you can also experience everything else Atlanterhavsparken has to offer, including aquariums, feeding shows, activity rooms, science center exhibitions and a café. We are open 10-16.

Join us for a fun and creative day at Atlanterhavsparken!

Skaperfesten is organized with support from TEKNA and Sparebankstiftelsen DnB.

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