Latin: Salmo trutta
100 cm - 15 kg
Trout thrive in oxygen-rich water and watercourses where the temperature is not too high. Trout that grow up in watercourses where they can migrate to the sea will often do so, and are then referred to as sea trout.
Along the European Atlantic coast from Portugal in the south to the White Sea in the north. Inland trout are naturally distributed in Europe, North Africa and Northwest Asia
Freshwater: Insects, fish, frogs and mice. Saltwater: crustaceans and fish.
Facts about Trout

The greatest threat to sea trout is salmon lice from salmon and rainbow trout farming. Emigration from the rivers to the sea occurs after the trout have been in the river for 2-5 years, usually from early May (southern Norway) to June-July (northern Norway). By then, the trout are 10-25 cm.

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