Small spotted dogfish

Latin: Scyliorhinus canicula
2 kg, 100 cm
Sand, gravel and muddy bottom. Shallow water and down to 100 meters
Mediterranean and from West Africa to Northern Norway
Small fish and various benthic animals
Facts about Spotted Dogfish

The spotted dogfish has internal fertilization. Fertilization takes place throughout the year, but the two egg capsules are mainly spawned from January to July.

Did you know...

Small-spotted dogfish have internal fertilization and lay egg capsules from January to July. These yellowish capsules are oblong and about 5-6 cm long. It has a thread in each corner that it wraps around e.g. algae so that the egg capsule remains stable for the 5-11 months it takes to hatch.

Did you also know that small-spotted dogfish are nocturnal? These are common along the entire Norwegian coast south of Troms, but most common up to Trondheim, and can be found sleeping on the seabed during the day.