Apr 03, 2024
Say hello to Steinar 😃 How long have you worked here? I started working here for a bit during vacations in the beginning of 2022. Have now been a permanent employee since 2023. What are your tasks? It's very varied. It can be anything from feeding fish and animals outside. Working with aquariums, flushing aquariums and making sure the pipes don't get clogged. Washing windows inside and out 🧽 Moving fish and animals 🐟 Replacing algae. I also help catch shellfish and fish for the aquarium 🦀 I also often stand in front of the big tank and chat and spend a lot of time in the activity room. What do you like about your job? I like that it's so varied. I get to interact with the public and talk to them. Communicating how important it is to take care of marine life or wildlife in general 🌊 It's also very exciting to be involved in catching fish and shellfish for the aquarium. I get to learn more about different marine animals 🐟 #employee #atlanterhavsparken #aquarium #ålesund
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