Atlanterhavsparken Ålesund - the Norwegian Aquarium

Norway's marine showcase

Atlanterhavsparken Ålesund - the Norwegian Aquarium

Since 1998, the Atlanterhavsparken Foundation been one of Northern Europe's largest and most unique saltwater aquariums. As the Norwegian Aquarium, we are a showcase for marine life along the Norwegian coast and in the Atlantic Ocean.

The aquarium is a true architectural gem set in the spectacular landscape of Tueneset, 3 kilometres from Ålesund city centre.

With views straight out to the open ocean, the rich fishing grounds and the deep Norwegian fjords, visitors can observe, experience and learn about life in the ocean on nature's terms. We have more than 140,000 visitors annually and, every day, we give our visitors authentic experiences in authentic surroundings. 

Our aim as a foundation is: "To operate a public aquarium and associated facilities in Ålesund, to disseminate knowledge about — and generate interest in — life in the ocean, and to illustrate the connection between marine resources and marine-based value creation, and conduct research related to marine life in partnership with other institutions."

The natural landscape is authentic, water is pumped directly from the sea, the fish are harvested locally and all plants and other organisms are authentic. We hope you have an interesting, engaging and educational visit!


In 2014, Atlanterhavsparken was awarded the Architectural Excellence Award and Olav Høydal's Memorial Award by the Municipality of Ålesund for its architectural adaptation of buildings and grounds to the existing landscape.

The architect was Torstein Lervik.

In 2013 and 2015, we were named the Best Aquarium in the Nordic region by

In 2016, we won the Møre og Romsdal Tourism Board's Tourism Award.

In 2019, the Ministry of Education and Research chose us to become Norway's first Marine Science Centre. We look forward to realising these plans, which are already well underway.

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