Committed and enthusiastic teachers on a teacher training course

In November, we invited primary school teachers from across our region to a free teacher training course. The teachers represented most of the grades in primary school. Their commitment and enthusiasm for the course and its content was infectious!

Committed and enthusiastic teachers on a teacher training course

With the committed and enthusiastic teachers, the afternoon session from 3pm to 5pm soon passed as we visited all the new exhibitions linked to the Science Centre which opened on 1 September. The aim of the course was to provide an insight into what we have to offer now that we have become your regional science centre. The teachers learned about the various tanks and installations, better equipping them to bring their classes on a visit to the aquarium. We believe that this knowledge will also improve the visitor experience each every single teacher.

A visit to the aquarium is now about more than just seeing. The experience we offer now is about seeing, reading about and doing in order to learn about biological life in the ocean, about the port nation that is Norway, what you can do in a "marine lab" and how you can spread knowledge about seafood at Breisundet Food Workshop.

We are looking to repeat this success and are now planning another course for teachers, just like the one we've already arranged, so that maybe even more teachers from Years 1 to 10 will come and see, do and learn here at Atlanterhavsparken Science Centre. The invitation is just around the corner and we hope that as many teachers as possible will come.

Are you a teacher and have not been visited us yet? If so, then we hope to see you here at the next teachers' course.

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