Autumn vacation on Atlanterhavsparken

The crab season is underway, and we are therefore running with a crab theme on Atlanterhavsparken the whole holiday. The program is full of both exciting news and well-known successes, so we can safely give you a "new knowledge" guarantee after a visit in the autumn holidays!

Autumn vacation on Atlanterhavsparken

Breakfast feeding of the otters

Every day this autumn holiday you can join in when the three otters Nusse, Muffe and Pia have their breakfast.

When: every day at 10.15am

Trond's crab corner

Our aquarist Trond offers samples of pocket crab in "Trond's crab corner" on the 2nd floor.

When: Monday to Friday 11.00-14.00

Have fun with crab

On weekdays, we run guided tours of, among other things, the crustacean exhibition where you can learn more about the crabs we can find in our waters.

The starting shot goes at 12.00 from the ticket office.

When: Monday-Friday at 12.00

Fish cake course

On Thursday 13 October and Saturday 15 October, our pedagogue Mia will again this year organize a fish cake course for young and old - perfect for families with children or grandparents and grandchildren!

This is usually a great success where the children get to learn how quick, easy and fun it is to make fishcakes from scratch, and even the children who "don't like fish" have approved their fishcakes after a short hour in Mia's kitchen.

When: Thursday 11.30-12.30 + Saturday 11.30-12.30 & 13.30-14.30

Registration: send email to mia@ atlanterhavsparken .no

The family's activity trail

On arrival, everyone who wants to will be given an exciting activity sheet, where we have collected a number of engaging tasks and challenges that the whole family can find here at Atlanterhavsparken . When the children have found and completed the various tasks, they can return the activity sheet to the ticket office to be able to take part in the draw for the day's prize.

When: All day, all holiday.

Activity room

We are extending the normal opening hours so that more people can experience this public favourite.

When: 10.30-11.30 & 13.30-14.30

Did you know that the witch crab picks up various things it finds and carries it on its back so that it can throw it at its enemy if it is threatened?
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