Winter holiday at Atlanterhavsparken

Ropes course, open activity room, new film about Selbukta and exciting activities at Møre Havlab

Winter holiday at Atlanterhavsparken

Winter holiday at Atlanterhavsparken

In addition to our regular program, this year we also offer an exciting rebus trail, a brand new film about the Bay of Seals and exciting activities in Møre havlab.

So why not bring mom and dad, grandma and grandpa to Atlanterhavsparken. Join in the exciting rebus race and learn about the life of herring and cod.

We are looking forward to showing off our beautiful ocean lab, and there will be different activities on different days - but remember that the lab has limited capacity so you must pick up tickets (free) at the ticket booth, and here it is first come, first served:

  • Monday and Tuesday there are kitchen chemistry shows at 1030 and 1100
  • Wednesday - we show the movie about the food chains in the ocean at 1030
  • Thursday - join us at LydLab at 1030
  • Friday - we show the movie about the food chains in the ocean at 1030

Once an hour (from 1030, 1130, etc.), we show our new film about the seals in the seal bay - screening starts in our cinema in the viewing center exhibition.

If you wish to book tickets in advance, these can be purchased here

Happy Winter Holiday and Welcome to Atlanterhavsparken!

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