Norway king crab (Lithodes maja)

Five fun facts about the Norway king crab

  • Did you know that you can eat Norway king crab?
  • Norway king crab can be distinguished from red king crab by the fact that it has a Y-shaped projection (rostrum) between its eyes. The shell is also hard and packed with long, pointed spikes, unlilke the red king crab, which has a softer shell.
  • Norway king crabs eat anything from algae and bottom-dwelling animals, such as mussels, echinoderms and other animals on the seabed, to carrion that it finds on the seabed.
  • Did you know that you can differentiate between the sexes by seeing how wide the abdominal flap is on the underside of the crab's body? If it's narrow, the crab is a male, while female crabs have wider tails to make room for their roe.
  • The Norway king crab is common along the entire Norwegian coast and elsewhere, and thrives best at depths of 80-200 metres.
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Norway king crab (Lithodes maja)

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