Harbour crab or sandy swimming crab (Liocarcinus depurator)

Did you know that some crabs can swim?

This swimming crab is the most common species along our coast and can be found at depths of anything from 1 to 450 metres. What sets this crab apart from beach crabs and other crabs is that the outermost joint of the fifth leg pair is shaped like a flat oar. By moving these legs around like a propeller, the crab can create a swimming motion which generates propulsion. They often use this technique, not only when fleeing from predators, but also when foraging for food. They are also known to be voracious predators which, when combined with their ability to swim, means they can even catch small fish.

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Photo: Finn Refsnes
Harbour crab or sandy swimming crab (Liocarcinus depurator)

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