Mar 03, 2024
Say hello to Mina😃 How long have you worked here? I started working here in August one and a half years ago. I had finished my studies in chemistry, biotechnology and education. Then I got a job here at the science center as a scientist formidler🙌🏼 What are your tasks and what do you like about your job? "A lot of it is having learning programs for school classes and kindergartens. So that's one of the best things about having this job here 🔬 It's also very varied, so I think it's incredibly fun. Everything from standing at a food workshop and teaching how to make fish cakes and cod nuggets🐟 It's really great to be able to help influence them to eat more fish and get their families to eat more fish fisk🍽️ There are also learning programs that have to do with technology, which I think is really fun. It could be the sound lab that is about music programming🎶 Very happy in my job and nice to meet the students and see that they are looking forward to a different school day here with us🤩 #atlanterhavsparken #akvarium #ålesund #employee #visitalesund
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