Einar Wiik

Aquarist and Diving Manager

Einar Wiik is an aquarist, and in addition to being our diving manager, he is also responslbe for our seals.

Seal Bay is currently home to seven seals, and Einar has been with them from the start. When they first arrived here from another country, Einar became their rock. They developed a special bond with him, and we definitely see a difference in them when Einar enters the enclosure. The seals all line up to get their morning cuddle.

Training the seals is important work, and we make sure that we check both their health and their well-being at the same time. The seals are thriving and in excellent health.  Einar is also our representative in the International Marine Animal Trainers Association (IMATA), and like most other aquarists, he also feels at home in the water. He is a popular diver in our daily diving show.

Einar Wiik

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