Trond Østrem

Aquarist and Head of Harvesting

In addition to being an aquarist, Trond Østrem is responsible for ensuring that we have enough exciting species in our collection to show off to the public.

Fishing/harvesting fish and other sea creatures from the sea is a major task and, thanks to his previous experience as a fisherman along the whole of the Norwegian coast, Trond is the right man for the job. Harvesting is not the same as fishing though and, when harvesting, the fish must be caught with great care and looked after appropriately.

Many people contact us when they have caught something exciting. Anyone who finds themselves in this situation should contact us to ensure that their catch can be looked after appropriately. It's always wonderful when a visitor can visit a fish they caught themselves.

Trond grew up by the shore and turned his hobby into a profession. At the age of 11, he used to take fish and other sea creatures to the old aquarium in Ålesund. Trond also loves being in the water and he is one of our popular divers in our daily diving show. Trond has been with us since the beginning back in 1998.

Trond Østrem

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