Grey catfish bit

Latin: Anarhichas lupus
130 cm - 23 kg
Mixed bottom from the shore down to a depth of 450 meters.
In the eastern Atlantic from Novaya Zemlya, Svalbard, Iceland to eastern Greenland. Common in northern parts of the British Isles. Southern tip of Sweden and along the entire Norwegian coast.
Sea urchins, scallops, starfish, snake stars, snails, edible crabs, mandolin ornamental crabs, shore crabs and hermit crabs.
Facts about Grey catfish

The eggs are laid in a spherical lump the size of a football. The male guards the eggs for a period of 2-3 months until they hatch. Grey catfish are often very localized, and if divers harpoon many individuals, for example in a tidal current, it can take many years before the population returns.

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