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Atlantic Tank

The Atlantic Tank is one of Europe's largest saltwater tanks. See all the large cold-water fish that live in our oceans.

Atlantic Tank

Some species live in dense shoals, while others only gather together to spawn or hunt for food.

The Atlantic Ocean stretches from Antarctica in the south, all the way up to the Arctic in the north. Marine life is concentrated on the large banks and along the coast, where there is better access to food and hiding places. The Gulf Stream carries warm water and contributes to Norway's mild climate. It originates in the Gulf of Mexico, flows north along the east coast of the United States and across the North Atlantic, and enters the Norwegian Sea between the Faroe Islands and the United Kingdom.

The tank is 36 metres long and 17 metres wide, and holds no less than 4 million litres of unfiltered sea water. The acrylic glass is 26.5 cm thick and weighs 30 tonnes. The water intake is located about 800 metres off Tueneset, at a depth of 45 metres. The quality of the water in the aquarium is the same as in the sea at all times. The Atlantic Tank does not have a roof and is therefore illuminated by the ever-changing daylight outside.

Take your time, sit yourself down and just watch the fish swim by. They are both fascinating and beautiful creatures!

Atlantic Tank
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