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Otter Island

Otter paradise on an island of their own. Otter Island is home to our little charmers Nusse, Muffe and Pia.

Otter Island

Our three orphaned otter pups had a rough start to life. Back in 2016, they were found abandoned in the wild in Northern Norway — they would not have survived if their rescuers had not found them and brought them home .

Otters are both wild and lively by nature and, as they grew, it became necessary to find a more permanent home for them. Our colleagues at Lofoten Aquarium asked us if we could take the otters in. They arrived here soon after and, within a few months, we had completed our otter enclosure next to the seal enclosure — an entire island! The name "Otter Island" ("Oterøya") was the obvious choice. Here, the otters have plenty of space to explore, as well as a separate lighthouse where they can seek shelter. In the underwater observatory, the otters get up close to our visitors – they love socialising, are very vocal, and adore our visitors. The otters are fed every day at 2.00pm, with talks in both Norwegian and English.

Otter Island
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