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Norway's crustaceans

Did you know that crustaceans are the most successful animals in the ocean, making them 'the insects of the ocean'?

Norway's crustaceans

Many people are fascinated by crustaceans, whether it's children looking for crabs on the beach or adults putting out pots, hoping to catch lobsters or crabs. Yet crustaceans are so much more than that! Crustaceans dominate marine environments in much the same way as insects do on land.

So far, more than 30,000 species of crustacean have been identified, but scientists believe the real figure is three or four times that number. Our "Norwegian Crustaceans" ("Norges krepsdyr") exhibition showcases not only some of our best-known species, but also some rare species and even species we do not want in our environment. Have you ever seen a carrier crab or a live red king crab?

Norway's crustaceans
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